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Ray Lucia’s intelligent input and charismatic nature add to his ability to make the fiscal world of financial, tax, and retirement planning not only easy for the average investor to understand, but interesting as well. Through his radio and television show, Ray Lucia has made it his life’s work to help thousands invest for retirement utilizing his widely recognized  strategies for retirement. His dynamic public speaking skills enable him to cover an array of monetary topics including asset allocation, social security, pensions, investments, annuities, insurance, and taxes.

Meet our Contributing sponsors

Gene Pastula CFP®

Gene Pastula, CFP is a nationally recognized expert in the development of insurance solutions to address the concerns of today’s clients. As founder and President of San Diego, California based Westland Financial Services.

Steve Aledort

I am dedicated to helping clients obtain a mortgage that fits their specific home ownership needs and goals. I am passionate about helping my clients and focus on bringing you peace of mind throughout the home buying process.

Lyn Rowe CFP®

Her practice once consisted of working with individuals planning for retirement and those currently retired. She now focusses on Total Care Planning by advising clients regarding VA, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and private Long Term Care Insurance.

James Stewart CFP®

He brings forty years of financial planning experience to serve as Executive Producer of the Ray Lucia Show.

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